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V16 3 Reeds for Alto Saxophone recommended by Kevin BusseIt’s time to step-up to “3” strength reeds


Playing on “2 and 1/2” strength reeds just doesn’t cut it as you grow as a saxophone player. Having a stronger reed allows you more expression in your playing. It may be a little tough when you begin to strengthen your embouchure but you will positively stand out in no-time once you get use to playing on them.

“V16 3 Strength Vandoren” Reeds – For Rock & Jazz

The ==>V16 Reeds coupled with my =>Mouthpiece is a power combo when it comes to delivering a solid tone while allowing you to cut through the jazz band when it really counts.

This combination is ideal for your jazz band, show choir band, marching band (I’ll admit that I like this combo so much that I didn’t risk it out on the field!) and just for fun.

Bottom Line

  • It’s all about TONE
  • Switching from Rock/Jazz to Classical is AS EASY AS switching from “V16’s” to “Traditional 3 Vandoren” reeds on the V16 Mouthpiece and vice versa!
  • I keep all 3 items on hand for any occasion
  • I’ve been using this combo for over 8 years
  • If you don’t like them you can mail them to me 🙂
  • Lastly, either the “Traditional” or “V16” 3 reeds are ideal for playing on the V16 Mouthpiece


“V16 3 Strength” reeds for Rock & Jazz


What Others Are Saying…

“I love em! They are the only ones I use now haha.” -Alex

“i have so far tried the rico royal,vandoren classic,and v16,this for sure was the best one out of all of them,it gives you a nice warm tone and is good for concert or jazz bands.Vandoren is a good brand and it wont let you down!” – Brian

“These are the quality that the band leader suggested that my grandson use.
My grandson says they produce the sound he wants & he is first chair sax, now.
Yes, I would recommend them.” – Betty

“I honestly haven’t had to look any further for outstanding reeds that always perform how I like” – Kevin Busse @ kbsaxlessons 🙂