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I primarily tried these because my tinnitus was getting worse with the generic ear buds that come with apple products like iPhones, iPads, iPods etc. I needed ear buds that would be easier on my ears.

I am able to hear more bass with these ear buds and I have found that Skull Candy has eliminated the high frequencies that generic ear buds usually have.

skull candy ear buds

4 Main Features




I enjoy these ear buds because I like to hear more bass coming from an ear piece. My Skullcandy ear buds definitely provide a good bass presence.

I honestly like the color too; I wrote this article because I had been getting asked by others where they can find these ear buds for themselves too.

SkullCandy2Top 3 Benefits

  1. No more tinnitus from generic ear buds
  2. Great bass
  3. Fits well





My preferred method of handling phone calls is with the use of these ear buds. In fact, whenever I have my ear buds available I use them for phone calls thanks to the built-in microphone.

High frequencies (that irritate my tinnitus) are virtually non-existent with these ear buds. You will completely bypass these annoying high frequencies with these ear buds.

I will never go back to generic ear pieces because I know that they will cause my tinnitus to come back with just a few uses.


Q: Is it really that much easier on your ears?

A: Yes, I am thankful that these ear buds are easier on my ears. Especially because I found that generic ear buds irritated my tinnitus.


Q: Are they comfortable?

A: Yep, they have rubber buds and fit nice and snug.


Q: Do they really sound that much better?

A: Don’t even waste your time buying cheap generic ear buds. It is laughable how much better these buds are than other cheap ones.