Alto Sax Clip-On Mic

Here’s a Quick Video Demonstration…

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Shure BETA 98H/C: My review

shure-mic-2If you want a simple saxophone microphone that clips on and just works without scratching your horn, then definitely try out the Shure BETA 98H/C Clip-On Mic!

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This is a Cardioid Condenser Microphone for Saxophone, Clarinet and Brass instruments that has an Integrated Shock Mount and Attached Preamplifier.

Great for studio work

In fact, I wouldn’t be recommending this ==> microphone if I didn’t use this clip-on mic every time I record another saxophone lesson at KB Sax Lessons.

You can center this microphone right over the bell of the horn so that you get the most out of your sound. Pivoting back and forth while bending into place, you can face it towards the perfect spot.

The beauty of this microphone is that it allows you to cut out any other background noise so that your studio does not have to be completely silent. I have used this microphone to record outdoors as well and it sounded great!

Even outdoor playing…

Best qualities of this microphone

  • Doesn’t scratch my horn
  • Has plenty of cord (10ft)
  • Great quality for recording in the studio
  • Easily adjusts to the center of your sound

This sax mic has worked just fine for me. I doubt I will be looking for a replacement saxophone microphone anytime soon. You can find it here ==> Shure BETA 98H/C