Rovner Versa Ligature

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professional/advanced ligature for the alto saxophoneMetal Plate For Extra Resonance

This ligature comes with two different types of small metal plates that you can choose to insert into the slot that holds the plate underneath the reed for maximum resonance. You can choose between these 2 plates to see which one you like best…

Personally, I have noticed that having the metal plate holder underneath the reed allows me to get a longer lifetime and more sound out of my reed. I will admit that having the choice between the two plates is of less significance, but having a ligature that completely omits the metal plate option (only rubber ligature) squeezes the life out of the reed.

30-second setup

Not all ligatures are created equal; I am able to set this ligature up in less than 30 seconds! It is embarrassing when you are the only one the band is waiting on if you have a ligature that you are unable to setup quickly. This ==>Rovner Ligature<== assures you that any time spent on setup is kept to a minimum.

Tuning Made Easy

Sometimes tuning creates a unique challenge with ligatures. I prefer this type of ligature because when I need to adjust my saxophone for tuning I can just grab the whole mouthpiece and pull it towards me(flatten) or push it in(sharpen).

If this ligature is on TIGHT enough you can tune without bothering to take the ligature off and reset the reed. Trust me, It is frustrating when you have a ligature that you must remove and reset your reed in order to tune

This ligature is better for…

  • Tuning
  • Quick setup
  • SOUND!
  • Increase the lifetime of your reeds
  • reliability

What Others Are Saying…

“I did notice considerable tone improvement after I started using this Ligature. It comes with 2 steel plates that you can use in a different combination and you can tell the difference in tone it produces. I am very happy with it.


“Well I was a little unsure about buying this ligature, but upon receiving it I was extremely impressed with improvement in my tone and control. I am a recreational saxophonist and only have been playing for a year now. I wanted an upgrade from the stock ligature that came with my alto. After playing with this ligature for the past month, it has broken in nicely, making my sound much more smooth and precise. I would highly recommend this ligature for anyone. The versatility is unmatched, it is like having 6 ligatures in one. The cloth flaps really add a nice warmth to your sound. While putting them under the metal really brightens up your sound, I will also say that since getting this ligature, I’ve been using the same reed for about a month now, with playing 3-5 times a week for at least an hour.”


“I have been playing alto and tenor sax for about 20 years, on and off. From High School Band to touring Jazz Ensembles, to University orchestra, and gigging at clubs. I’ve tried a lot of gear over that time! I’ve owned the most economical mouthpieces and ligatures, right up to the priciest stock pieces on the market, and I must say: this is a very reliable, very versatile, great sounding ligature. I don’t really prefer a lot of the more basic Rovner products, such as the “Light”, “Dark” or even the “Mark III”, but these “Versa” models (and the pre-existent “Eddie Daniels II” models) are great.
With the six slightly different setups this mouthpiece offers, you have a lot of help creating the sound you’re after.
I would say these are worth it, hands down.”

-D. Clemont