V16 Mouthpiece

My Favorite Saxophone Mouthpiece – For Alto Sax

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V16 Alto Sax Mouthpiece

I have used this mouthpiece for over 8 years. I genuinely have not yet found a better replacement…

..In fact, I have sought out  purchasing other mouthpieces and have only found that I cannot take myself away from this V16 7 Medium chamber mouthpiece.




I Have Experience With Plenty of Mouthpieces

I know that buying mouthpieces is a confusing process. Don’t get confused! Click the ==> link to purchase the same exact mouthpiece that I own. The reason that this is my very first “gear” item is because of how important it is to have a great sounding mouthpiece.

In my experience, I have been able to…

  • Make a nonprofessional horn sound like a professional horn
  •  Delay my purchase of a new/upgraded saxophone
  •  Purchase the SAME mouthpiece again because it is my favorite
  • Play both jazz and classical styles

Try it sooner rather than later!