Best Neck Strap Under $20

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Quick & Precise

This neck-strap allows you to easily set up in less 20 seconds. But even more important is your ability to adjust this neck-strap ever so precisely so that you can have your embouchure in the exact placement that of your choosing.

Some other neck-straps sometimes will slide downwards in just 30 minutes of practicing/playing. When I adjust my neck-strap at the beginning of my practice, my strap is set and I instantly feel that it is secure.

Has a little bit of “give” for control

This Neck-strap has a little bit of “give” that allows you to but various pressure down on the horn so that you remain in control of your embouchure and your sound. Believe me, this subtle technique has helped me get through many important auditions that allowed me to remain in control of my sound.

This >>>neck-strap<<< allows another dimension of control that OTHER neck-straps simply DO NOT offer. Seriously! TRY IT! 🙂

Great for tall alto players

I am about 6′ tall and I found that it was hard to find the proper next strap for the length of my neck. I even had to give away other neck straps that I found online because they did not tighten/shorten to the length that I needed. This neck-strap proved to be the only option for me that “just works.”

Important Tip!

When you start to use this neck strap, make sure that you CLOSE the gap of the hook (perhaps use pliers)by a couple cm/mm. This way your horn is more secure on the hook of the neck-strap.

Main Points

  • Your adjustments are precise and stable
  • Has some “give” for control that other straps simply DO NOT offer
  • Great for taller horn players over 6′ tall
  • MAKE SURE you make the one-time adjustment of closing the gap of the hook a couple cm/mm for extra security for your horn